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The objective of the SafeOnStage project is to develop a model for safety training for the Finnish technical theatre and event technology industry. The training will enable the students to learn safety competencies as part of their daily job and within their own work community. The training model will be an effective and flexible solution to acquiring safety knowledge and skills and it will be easily accessible across Finland.

The project meets the needs of the live performance, theatre, and event engineering industry to maintain and enhance safety competence during the COVID-19 crisis. Even before the pandemic, the industry recognized the insufficiency of competent workforce. As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, a considerable number of competent employees have left the industry, which has resulted in a lack of essential safety competence. To recover from the damages caused by the pandemic, it is highly important to guarantee sufficient safety competence in the industry.

The main target group of the project consists of people working in the live performance, theatre, and event engineering sectors, whose job role is entirely or partly connected to the safe execution of live events. During the project, they will participate in a program that follows the newly invented safety training model. In addition, the program will provide training for people responsible for workplace and team safety as well specialists who have the capacity
to work as safety trainers in the industry.

The SafeOnStage training model will be built on the safety competences defined by the European Theatre Technicians Education (ETTE).
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Tero Aalto

Project Manager
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SafeOnStage project started in April 2021 and ends in March 2022.
The project is executed by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and it is funded by European Social Fund.